The classic ice form, perfect for any beverage

As the world’s only self-monitoring cuber, the new Scotsman Prodigy Plus® cube ice machines make it easier than ever to maintain your equipment and save money. Whether it’s the advanced ice level control or an optional feature board for quick diagnostics, this is ice-making re-imagined. And with intuitive technology like AutoAlert™ indicator lights, a reduced operational footprint and easy-access service from the front panel, Prodigy Plus® cubers are simply the smartest, most reliable way to create fresh-tasting ice — every time.


C1030MA (Air cooled, medium cube)

C1030SA (Air cooled, small cube)

Modular bin option: B842S; B948S; BH1100BB/SS


Smaller Operational Footprint

Operational footprint among the industry’s smallest.

Front-located Air Filter

The reusable air filter is located on the front for added clearance and breathability, resulting in the ice machine to operate at maximum efficiency.

Built-in Antimicrobial Protection

AquaArmor, which utilizes AgIONTM, is molded directly into key internal components to protect your machine between cleanings.

Patented Watersense Technology

The adaptive purge control automatically reduces scale buildup by adjusting to your facility’s water quality, resulting in more sanitary ice and even extended time between cleanings.

Patented Harvest Assist

Patented Harvest Assist efficiently moves cube ice to the bin.

Easy to Service
  • Autoalert™ Indicator Lights are located in the lower left corner of front panel for enhanced visibility
  • Self aligned front panel for easy removal and simple access to all serviceable components
  • The robust front panel features screws located easily within reach


Dimensions - C1030

30" W x 24" D x 29" H

Volume Production

Up to 1077 lb/490 kg in 24 hours

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