iceValet® Hotel Dispenser

Serving your guests should be your top priority — not worrying about an unreliable ice machine. With the Prodigy Plus®-compatible iceValet® hotel ice dispenser, you get dependable performance that allows you to focus on keeping your guests satisfied. With a sleek, modern appearance, your choice of widths and an easy-to-use dispensing chute, the iceValet® is a smart solution for every floor of your facility. Match the iceValet® dispenser with a Scotsman Prodigy Plus® ice machine featuring self-monitoring technology, cost-saving energy efficiency, extended time between cleanings, easy-access servicing and built-in anti-microbial protection. All of these features add up to the smartest choice in ice.

Models/SKU’s: HD22 & HD30



Available in two convenient sizes
  • Designed to accommodate virtually any hotel ice bucket size
  • iceValet® features an improved 7.75″ sink depth
  • Optional water filler and ice storage of up to 180 pounds available in the 30″ unit
Modern Stylish Design
  • iceValet® feature a clean stainless steel exterior that fits perfectly among any hotel decor
  • Rounded corners and rust-free plastic top panel on the 30″ unit
  • 30″ unit specially designed to link up with your choice of Prodigy Plus® cube ice machines.
Easy and Safe Access
  • Ensures operator safety during maintenance with unique power-lock switch
  • Easy-access bin door provides for quick cleaning and service without the need to remove the ice machine head.
Thoughtfully designed for ease of use and maintenance
  • Simple push chute for easy ice dispensing
  • Modern, stylish design in a corrosion resistant metallic cabinet
  • Removable top panel allows access to the bin for easy cleaning
  • Improved sink depth that will accommodate almost every size hotel ice bucket
  • 11 foot power cord


Ice Storage - HD22

120 pounds

Dimensions - HD22

22" W x 33 1/2" D x 47.25" H (add 6" for legs)

Ice Storage - HD30

180 pounds

Dimensions - HD30

30" W x 33 1/2" D x 47.25" H (add 6" for legs)

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