The strongest and developed professional charcoal barbecue.

This model of barbecue lets get the maximum work capacity with a professional barbecue. The definitive barbecue for the most busy and demanding professionals. Its strong construction, design, and production capacity makes the BBQ M150 as the star and essential element for those restaurants dedicated to offer BBQ’s menus.

All kinds of food can be cooked: meat, fish and vegetable.

Delivered with 2 grooved grills, but as the rest of our barbecues is adaptable to be used with:

• Grooved grills
• Rod grills
• Rotary grills for Asadores or Argentinian Restaurants…
• Skewers for Rodizio, Sate, Yakitori…
• Paellero grill for Spanish Restaurants
• Mixed of all the above


• Made of cast iron
• Hopper elevation system
• Fully insulated walls and background
• Removable grill

• Removable front grease collector
• Front ash drawer
• Nylon casters

• Standard supply:
1 Meat tongs
1 Poker
2 Grooved grill 620×780


Average Production

80 Kg/h

Maximum Charcoal Capacity

14 Kg per service

Cooking Temperature

de 180º C a 350º C

Fire up Time

30 min.

Net weight

410 Kg


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