This model standardizes its modular width of 80 cm and has the same depth as the Pira 70 XL LUX.

The model PIRA 80 LUX is the third charcoal oven in size of a new generation of charcoal ovens that is revolutionizing the world of catering.

Its features, performance, savings and size make it a very economical model, profitable and preferred by many chefs for its comfortability.


• Made of cast iron
• Piracold® refrigeration system
• 7 guides
• High temperature resistant glass door

• Front ash drawer
• Built-in firebreak inside the oven
• Analog temperature display
• Exhaust switch to control air flow

• Built-in grease collector
• Standard supply:
1 Meat tongs
1 Poker
1 Inox rod grill Pira 80 LUX


Average Production

75 Kg/h

Maximum Charcoal Capacity

4,5 Kg

Cooking Temperature

de 180º C a 350º C

Fire up Time

30 min.

Smoke outlet

180 mm

Power Equivalence

4,5 KW

Net weight

170 Kg


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