This model maximizes the most small spaces … has the same width as the PIRA 70 LUX model, but this model reaches a depth of up to 7 cms more.

The model PIRA LUX 70 XL is the second charcoal oven in size of a new generation of charcoal ovens that is revolutionizing the world of catering.
Its features, performance, savings and size make it a very economical model, profitable and preferred by many chefs for its comfortability.


• Made of cast iron.
• Piracold® refrigeration system
• 7 guides
• High temperature resistant glass door
• Front ash drawer
• Built-in firebreak inside the oven

• Analog temperature display
• Exhaust switch to control air flow
• Built-in grease collector
• Standard supply:
1 Meat tongs
1 Poker
1 Inox rod grill Pira 70 XL LUX


Average Production

65 Kg/h

Maximum Charcoal Capacity

4 Kg

Cooking Temperature

de 180º C a 350º C

Fire up Time

30 min.

Smoke outlet

180 mm

Power Equivalence

3,5 KW

Net weight

155 Kg


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