True Cook and Chill with Neo

Chilling, cooking, holding, thawing, proofing.

Neo is an active space, a blast chiller that becomes a holding cabinet or a cooking tool when needed. Naboo and Neo work perfectly as a team, making sure the original freshness of every meal is brought to the table, every time.

Models/SKU’s: NEOG051, NEOG054, NEOG 081, NEOG084, NEOG164


Everything at your finger tips
  • Automatic use mode
  • Advanced use mode
  • User friendly
  • Customizable recipes
  • Touch screen controls
  • USB port

Blast Chilling +90°C up to +3°C

Blast chilling in the core of the food creates a thermal shock which prevents the proliferation of bacteria causing food to age, so food keeps better for longer.

Shock Freezing +90°C up to -18°C

NEO rapidly lowers the core temperature of any food to -18°C with the formation of micro crystals which do not damage the structure of the product, which means a top quality product is obtained after thawing as well.

Thawing -18°C up to +3°C

Being able to check and decide on the thawing of a product with a specific function means retaining the organoleptic properties and optimising stores avoiding unnecessary waste.

Retarder Proofing

Controlled proofing is used for bread and baking mixes by managing the temperature, moisture and timing.

Cook and Chill up to +85°C

Neo can be used without a problem even after hours. This is a kitchen tool that can work 24 hours a day without a break.

Temperature Holding +65°C

Another exclusive function of NEO. In addition to cooking at low temperatures, it can be used to hold food at serving temperature throughout serving hours.

Just Duet – Naboo and Neo 

Two essential appliances for chefs that cook with passion and a desire to please, continuously surprising their guests with top quality meals. The perfect couple, offering chefs the possibility to express their professionalism and creativity at the highest level.


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