Intuitive, Versatile, Smart

The world’s smartest and most versatile cooking platform.

When it comes to a smarter kitchen, Lainox Naboo stands above the rest. More than a combi oven it’s a recipe, menu, labour, resource, cooking, cleaning, kitchen management platform. With an app that’s so intuitive, it’s familiar to anyone who has operated a smartphone or tablet. Naboo cooks food to perfection, separate or at the same time.Bake, roast, steam, poach, fry or grill, Naboo does it all! Driven by a cooking application designed by chefs for chefs.

Models/SKU’s –

Gas: NAGV071, NAGV072, NAGV101, NAGV102, NAGV201, NAGV202

Electric: NAEV071, NAEV072, NAEV101, NAEV102, NAEV171, NAEV201, NAEV202

Electric with broiler: NAEB071, NAEB072, NAEB101, NAEB102, NAEB202

Gas with broiler: NAGB071, NAGB072, NAGB101, NAGB102, NAGB202, NAGB072R (propane)

Gas with broiler and direct steam: NAGM171R



Over-Night Cooking

Works even while you sleep. With cook and then hold capabilities your Naboo is working even when you’re not.

Grills and Smokes

The versatility of Naboo means it can cook almost anything to perfection. Expand your menu with less equipment.

Uniform Cooking

No matter where the product is placed in the oven, the results are the same. Complete control over the entire cabinet.

Steam Cooking

Naboo cooks from 30 to 99 degrees celcius removing the need to boil—there’s even a forced steam for up to 130 C.

Multi-Level Cooking

Cooks multiple products at the same time with no flavour transfer. Tray timers auto-track each item and tell you when its done.

Automatic Cooking

In Auto-Clima mode the oven constantly checks and adjusts heat, fan and humidity (steam) for perfect results every time.

Everything a touch away

The GUI works like a touch screen should. Based on the browsing functionality found in leading smartphones.

A Gift for Chefs Like You

A true menu creation and management plaform. Costing, plating, presentation and synchronization across all of your devices and locations.


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