Technology and Intelligence in minimum space

Compact Naboo is a concentration of cooking technology.

A device that broadens the horizons of every kitchen. Occupying only 51 centimetres, it is a perfect concentration of technology for high-quality meals. For dynamic, fast, contemporary cooking. It’s elegant and compact design is ideal for kitchens that do not have a lot of space, but also suitable for ‘open’ kitchens. Compact Naboo, conquering space in the kitchen.

Models/SKU’s: COEN061 & COEN101


Compact Solution for top-quality cooking
  • Readily available recipes from all over the world
  • One touch instant execution of the right timing for the selected recipe
  • User friendly interface is just like your mobile device
  • Configurable display for personalized frequently used recipes
  • Icons with images and names make for intuitive programming


Excellent cooking at every level
  • ICS Interactive Cooking System selects the right cooking mode
  • Multi-Level allows different foods to be cooked simultaneously with different cooking times
  • Just in Time (JIT) allows different foods to be taken out of the oven at the same time
Excellent results no matter what you’re cooking
  • Dry, crispy cooking for perfect crispness and browning of fried foods
  • Perfect climate control for tender, juicy foods
Connectivity in the kitchen
  • Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection
  • Access to cloud by registration
  • Content permanently available
  • Back-up of all content, settings, customizations
  • Share content on multiple appliances
  • Remote service


External Dimensions (COEN061)

W 20" (510mm) x D 31 1/2" (800mm) x H 34 3/4" (880mm)

External Dimensions (COEN101)

W 20" (510mm) x D 31 1/2" (800mm) x H 44" (1120mm)

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