The only cube of it's kind.

Kold-Draft KD70 Cocktail Series Ice Machines produce the largest cubes (1.x 1 x 1.25”) within its footprint compared to most competitor units within its class. Available in three models, the KD-50, KD-70 and KD-110, the air-cooled, self-contained models offer some of the best recovery rates. The ice machines will produce ice up to 110lbs and store from 26lbs to 60lbs of ice. ADA compliant: 31.4”H without legs; fits under 34” countertops

Kold Draft Ice Machine in Stainless Steel
Kold Draft Ice Machine in Stainless Steel


Stainless Steel Exterior with Front Door Panel Allowing For Easy Access

Specialized Horizontal Evaporator Produces Individual Cubes

Easy Operation with Simple Control Box

  • LED display indicates machine operation status
  • Automatic cleaning cycle

Air-cooled, Front Breathing Design



19.7” W x 17” D x 36.7” H

Volume Production

Up to 82lb/37.2 kg in 24 hours

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