The only cube of it's kind.

The Kold Draft GBX1064AC produces up to 1000 lbs of ice per day! The X-Series from Kold-Draft features rounded corners, plastic top panels, plastic louvers and an LCD display. X-Series machines are stackable with other X-Series machines. Double the capacity in the same footprint! KDB bin sold separately.

Stainless Steel Ice Machine 1000lb capacity
Stainless Steel Ice Machine 1000lb capacity


Produces unique 1.25” x 1.25” x 1.25” hard, individual square cubes

Unique horizontal evaporator design helps eliminate impurities from the ice

Ideal for bar and restaurant applications

Stackable design for higher production



42.3” W x 31.1” x D 33.7” H

Volume Production

Up to 1075 lbs/488 kgs in 24 hours

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