Gold Standard Toaster

The Gold Standard Toaster (GST) is the newest development from Antunes, the recognized leader in bun toasting in the foodservice industry. Featuring an innovative and unique toasting system, the GST model provides operations with quality, reliability, and consistency in their toasting platform. The GST-2H model utilizes dual-belt technology that cradles buns as they move along the heat source, eliminating defects such as sticking, slipping, and bun marking. The belts are continuously moving so operators can immediately load product as needed without any delay.

Model/SKU: GST-2H


  • Energy-efficient design reduces heat loss
  • Outside surface is cool to the touch
  • Delivers a hot, toasted bun while providing up to 30% energy savings compared to other toasters
  • Continuously moving belts allow immediate feeding of buns without sticking
  • Separate compression adjustments for the heel and crown
  • Easy-to-operate control panel for quick adjustments to toast quality
  • Programmable controls allow users to make adjustments to temperature and motor speed settings
  • Space-saving horizontal design



22" (559mm) W x 21" (533mm) D x 17" (432mm) H

Bun Specifications-Crowns

Min: 47/64" (19mm) Max: 29/32" (23mm)

Bun Specifications-Heels

Min: 35/64" (14mm) Max: 47/64" (19mm)

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