Heated Display Cabinet

The Heated Display Cabinet from Antunes showcases products in the best possible light while keeping them hot, fresh, and ready to serve to customers. The attractive, well-lit display area helps operators drive sales and move product fast! The Heated Display Cabinet features a modern look with a front panel made of curved, tempered glass. Glass side panels provide customers with full visibility to the products inside, while two sliding rear doors allow operators to easily add and remove products. The rear control panel, with a digital display thermostat and electronic controls, allows operators to easily adjust the temperature of the cabinet to ensure products are kept warm and fresh for customers. With a customizable menu board along the front panel, operators can quickly and easily make changes through-out the day.

Models/SKU’s: DCH-200 & DCH-300


  • Digital display thermostat and electronic controls
  • Rear panel allows for easy control of temperature, lighting and heat
  • European design with curved, tempered glass
  • Sliding rear panels for easy access to add and remove products
  • Easy-to-change customizable menu board
  • Stainless steel construction for long life
  • Two levels of display to showcase a variety of products
  • Glass shelf, front panel and side panel for full visibility of product
  • Built-in LEDs ensure products are displayed in best light
  • DCH-200 features two full-size 2 1/2″ pans
  • DCH-300 features three full-size 2 1/2″ pans
  • Both models have a temperature range of 150°F to 165°F (66°C to 74°C)


Dimensions DCH-300

42 1/2" (1080mm) W x 31 1/4" (794mm) D x 22" (559mm) H

Dimensions DCH-200

30 1/4" (768mm) W x 31 1/4" (794mm) D x 22" (559mm) H


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