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There’s a reason the world’s largest chains choose the Amana RFS. Its ample 1.2 cu ft cavity is perfect for a 14” platter for maximum flexibility. While the RFS is available in a 1200 Watt version as well, Leading Chains opt for the higher wattage because they know that’s the best way to high quality food at super-fast speed. Plus,  1800 watts makes the RFS steam-capable – truly the most nutritious and delicious way to steam everything from fish to shellfish vegetables to perfection – without the need for ventilation, plumbing or descaling.

The control panel is easy to use with handy pre-sets for true one-touch cooking and almost zero chance of error. That’s important when crew turnover continues to be a challenge.

Product code/SKU: RFS18TS


1800 watts of cooking power and large oven capacity
  • Fast cooking and steaming
  • Better food quality
  • Accelerates service
  • 1.2 cubic ft. (34 L) oven capacity
  • Accommodates a 14″ (356 mm) platter
  • Easily cooks or steams large portions
Twin antennas, one on top and one on bottom
  • Even cooking, consistent food quality
  • Dispersed energy patter
  • Removable air filter for longer life
User friendly controls are easy to use
  • Reduces prep time, labor and simplifies training
  • No guesswork, convenient cooking
  • X2 quantity pad Auto-calculates for double quantities
  • 100 program menu items, 4 stages of cooking and 5 microwave power levels
“On the fly” cooking
  • While cooking, operator can reset timer
  • Immediate cook time adjustment
Easy to install, use and maintain – steam with no ventilation required
  • Exclusive automatic voltage sensor
  • No oven adjustments necessary
  • Plug and cook installation
  • Gasket sealed ceramic cooking shelf
  • Level cooking surface
  • Spills clean-up fast and easy
Ideal Applications
  • Used by leading QSR Chains
  • Fast casual restaurants
  • Bars, grills and cafés
  • Schools and institutions


Exterior Dimensions

H 14 3/8" (365mm) x W 21 3/4" (551mm) x D 21" (533mm) (includes handle)

Cavity Dimensions

H 8 7/8" (226mm) x W 14 1/8" (359mm) x D 16 1/4" (413mm)

Installation Clearance

Top: 2" (51mm) Sides: 1" (25mm) Back: None

Product Weight

70 lbs. (32 kg)

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