Optimized cavity, footprint and power

Compact footprint awesome steam-capable power.

The HDC is the gold standard for high powered accelerated cooking in a smaller foot print. Top mounted control pad is accessible, smart and easy to use. Top and bottom antennas ensure full coverage across the cavity for consistently even cooking and re-heating results.

When it comes to the right power for the busy commercial kitchen, quick serve restaurant, fast casual or C-Store – the 2100 watt HDC21 is a serious oven for the serious operator. With that kind of power and speed you are in control. Time is no longer the enemy because everything from fresh steamed vegetables or seafood, to fast ‘just like it was cooked fresh’ re-thermalizing, is ready to go in no time at all. More power makes it easy to cook on demand for the full freshness and flavor that your customers love.

Microwave ovens are the better choice for steam compared to traditional tabletop steamers. They cost less to purchase, require nothing to install, do not need water or ventilation, are easy to operate and maintain and cut cook times by more than half.

Product code/SKU: HDC182 and HDC212


Accelerate your service
  • 1800 to 2100 watts of cooking power
  • Faster cooking, steaming and re-generating
  • Excellent food quality, with more throughput
The world’s most advanced microwave controller
  • Four stages and multiple levels for full cooking control
  • 100 programmable menu items simplifies cooking
  • Five power levels and four cooking stages for the best results
  • Smart USB makes menu updates across multiple ovens and locations easy
  • Compatible with the free ACP remote Menu Management application
No ventilation required
  • Economical installation, saves money
  • Easily cooks, steams and boost heats
  • Consistent, fast high quality cooking results
Ideal applications
  • Quick serve
  • Fast casual
  • Bars and cafés
  • Concessions and Kiosks
  • Convenience Stores


Exterior Dimensions - HDC182

H 13 1/2" (343mm) x W 16 1/2" (419mm) x D 21 5/8" (549mm) (includes handle)

Exterior Dimensions - HDC212

H 13 1/2" (343mm) x W 16 1/2" (419mm) x D 22 5/8" (578mm) (includes handle)

Cavity Dimensions

H 6 3/4" (171mm) x W 13" (330mm) x D 12" (305mm)

Installation Clearance

Top: 2" (51mm) Sides: 1" (25mm) Back: None

Product Weight

68 lbs. (31 kg)

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