The microwave steamer that's best in class by the numbers

The Better Way to Steam!

Nutrients in food degrade the longer they are exposed to heat. Excessive water can also cause nutrients to ‘leach out’, further reducing the nutritional value. When steaming in a microwave, cook times are greatly reduced and often require little to no water added for steam to occur.  That’s because microwaves cause the water molecules held within food to heat up and generate their own steam.

Our AMSO can replace traditional steamers because it cooks so quickly that the moisture in the food converts to steam. Plus they cost less to purchase, operate, clean, service and maintain!

Food retains nutrients, texture, color and is ready serve in just minutes! Cooks frozen vegetables in almost half the time, potatoes more than twice as fast, lobster tails in 1/6 the time, shrimp in 1/3 the time.

When it comes to the competition – there’s no comparison – more power, recipe storage, pre-set pads and a smart USB sets the AMSO apart. Plus, the AMSO offers exclusive Mag control where the user can select one or both magnetrons – saves energy – increases food quality.

Product codes/SKU’s: AMSO22 and AMSO35


2 models available in 2200 or 3500 W
  • 11 power levels for consistent, delicious results
  • Steams frozen, refrigerated and fresh foods
  • Go from the freezer to table in just minutes
  • The better way to steam preserves nutrients and vibrant color
Ample 1.6 cubic ft. (45 liter) cavity
  • Accommodates two standard 4” deep full size pans
  • Unique see-through interior shelf
  • Transparent door and lit interior for monitoring without opening the door
Cooking and menu management has never been so easy
  • Up to 100 programmable menu items simplifies cooking, ensures consistency
  • Four stage cooking options with one-touch programming
  • Controls are user friendly and require minimal training.
  • Quantity pad calculates the proper cook times for two servings
  • Exclusive USB port updates menu in seconds
  • Compatible with ACP’s exclusive (and free) menu management application
  • Update menus across one or multiple locations with ease
A few more reasons to upgrade to a microwave steamer today
  • Reduces prep time, labor and food waste while providing consistent results
  • No ventilation, water hook up, descaling or excessive maintenance and service required
  • Automatic voltage sensor for easy installation.
Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Stainless steel exterior and interior for easy cleaning and a professional look
  • Clean filter reminder to protect oven components
  • Magnetic front air filter for easy removal and cleaning
  • Constructed to withstand the foodservice environment
  • No descaling required
Ideal applications
  • Schools and Institutions
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Buffets, Cafeterias
  • Stadiums, Supermarkets
  • Fast Casual Restaurants


Exterior Dimensions

H 18 3/8" (472mm) x W 25 5/8" (650mm) x D 23 1/2" (597mm) (includes handle)

Cavity Dimensions

H 9 7/8" (251mm) x W 21" (535mm) x D 13" (330mm)

Installation Clearance

Top: 7" (178mm) Sides: 1" (25mm) Back: None

Power output AMSO22:

2200 Watt

Power output AMSO35:

3500 Watt

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