Adventys - DWIC 3600

Drop-in induction cookers and warmers. Induction cooking and warming is 90% or more energy efficient (gas is only 45% efficient and electric is only 55% efficient). Due to this high efficiency, induction cooking is much faster than other methods of cooking. Since the energy is focused into the pan, not the room, the kitchen or dining area stays cool.


  • Heavy duty 6mm vitroceramic glass
  • 11” curved coil for fast heat transfer – uniform temperature
  • Control panel: on/off + (+/-) + (3) presets + 99 min. timer
  • 25 power levels (25W to 3600W) + 4-digit power level display
  • 14 1⁄8” (36cm) dia. wok fits 11 3⁄4” (30cm) dia. wok opening



17 1/2" W x 23"D x 6 3/4"H

Power supply

208/240V, 1PH 3.6KW, 15/18 Amps

Weight (net)


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