At the core, we are an importer and wholesale distributor of food equipment across Canada, but we come at the business in a totally unique way. In addition to having chef consultants, we scour the world looking for products that address the daily operational challenges of kitchen life. The goal with our team of chefs and high quality product solutions is to significantly improve the lives of chefs and operators.  We understand that the business is tough.  Food cost, labour cost, sourcing skilled labour and quality products and being able to produce quality food consistently isn’t easy.  As successful chefs, the FSS team understands the daily stress and challenges involved in the business. Our job is to lower that stress, and help our clients to become more profitable and successful.


Our chef consultants approach each operator as a unique entity. We are not a one size fits all solution provider.  Coming from an operational view point, we want to understand what our customers are trying to accomplish and where they may have challenges.  Only then can we apply our consultative approach to menu ideation, process improvement, and show our client the best equipment to reach their goal.  To support this we have 10 demonstration / ideation centres across Canada for testing and development.  We are passionate about our customers’ success and committed to helping our clients reach it. Even if we don’t import the product ourselves, we are happy to recommend other industry leading tools that can help our operators achieve success.


In case you’re wondering, we don’t charge for our time.  Our hope is that when we support potential customers to be more successful, we will be top of mind the next time they need an industry leading product to solve an operational challenge.  A strong hospitality sector benefits us all.