You don’t need to change your entire kitchen to make your entire kitchen smarter.

There are many ways to make a kitchen smarter. Even a relatively small change can achieve great things. Whatever it takes—big or small—we exist to help you discover what’s possible—and practical—for you, your menu and your operation.

Our nationwide team of executive chefs are here to help.

At Food Service Solutions, we’re chefs too. A nationwide team of Executive Chef’s who are expert at evaluating your menu and operation and then demonstrating to you first-hand how much smarter your kitchen can be. We work alongside you to find the sweet spot where you receive maximum benefit for you, your business and your staff. We’ll help with the math and show you a solid business case that proves the positive impact a smarter kitchen will have.

A team dedicated to help you succeed.

Why do we do this? Because as Chefs we’re passionate about food service. We know what it’s like and we’d like to help you make your kitchen better. Experience all of the benefits a smarter kitchen promises by putting our resources to work for you.

A Smarter Kitchen is:

  • Profitable:
    • Smart Kitchen design thinks outside of the traditional kitchen and enables technology to help reduce cost and increase profit.
  • Sustainable
    • A combination of technologies come together to transform food and beverages in more efficient ways, plus help to reduce energy and food waste.
  • Automatable
    • Automating even a few of your processes can have a positive impact on labour, consistency, throughput, cost, along with the speed and quality of the results.
  • Predictable
    • Temperature precision, speed, automation, and fewer variables to contend with means greater control over your process and outcomes. That, along with an onboard/cloud based kitchen management app, gives chefs and operators the tools to plan for success and achieve it.
  • Scalable
    • SMART Kitchens are modular, movable, scalable. When you plan for success you want to know that your kitchen can grow with you. If you’re a chain, you want an equipment package that can be right-sized to the traffic, location, space and available resources.
  • Adaptable
    • Tastes change – so does your menu. Your equipment shouldn’t be so specialized that it can’t handle those changes. And today there is no need to compromise. Smart Equipment is multi-functional enabling with all the versatility you would ever need.
  • Comfortable
    • Anyone who works in a commercial kitchen knows things can get hairy at times. A SMART Kitchen reduces the stress, keeps orders on track, makes it fun to be a chef again. Plus, with modern appliances there’s less ‘heat in the kitchen’ making the environment comfortable too.
  • Capable
    • When you have the proper tools in the hands of the right people, great things will happen. With fewer constraints you’re actually freer to do more with less effort.
  • Enjoyable
    • Combined, the abilities of a Smarter Kitchen create a more positive and productive atmosphere. Less stress frees you to focus on what’s really important — which includes enjoyment. And the reasons you became a chef or an operator in the first place.

You owe it to yourself and your business to take a fresh look at your kitchen. Put our resources to work for you. See your space, process, equipment, staff and menu through fresh eyes. Talk to us about it. We don’t sell direct so there’s never any pressure or obligation. After all, you have enough of that to deal with already.