Their products are designed to deliver consistent coverage, without heavy drips and runs, so that you can achieve specified disinfectant dwell times. Don’t leave your success to chance. Inconsistent and insufficient coverage of disinfectant needed to kill harmful bacteria is often the result with other application methods. Speed of application, effective application on key surfaces and necessary time to let it work is what’s needed. Disinfecting your premises is made fast and simple with these products. With the SaniSpray HP sprayers from Graco, just spray and let dry using any Health Canada-approved chemical.

“We’re thrilled to represent the SaniSpray HP line in Canada. As our industry morphs into the next phase, customers visiting restaurants or venues will be ever mindful of the risks of COVID-19 and, to win them back, they need to feel safe. Proper sanitizing and disinfecting protocols for your premises is one key to success,” commented Chris Koehler.