For this year’s show we’ll focus on equipment that can truly be called SmartSimple to Use, Multi-functional, Accelerated, Resource-Friendly, Technologically-Advanced solutions that help chefs and operators streamline their operation. We’ll demonstrate how technology can be harnessed to produce the Exceptional Results that consumers demand—making kitchens even Smarter.

Success in today’s climate—where operational costs are constantly on the rise—depends on taking advantage of higher performance technology, techniques and trends. A successful commercial kitchen needs to be purpose-built to perform at a high level, produce outstanding results, maintain a healthy ecological footprint and remain profitable, even in the face of those rising costs.

Traditional equipment and food handling, preparation, transformation and serving techniques no longer ‘check off all of the boxes’ that success depends on. Especially in the face of stiff competition. Today’s consumers have more choice than ever. While spending on meals prepared out of the home is expected to rise —”Full service operators face stiff competition from limited-service restaurants that offer value, convenience, speed and customization.” Many of whom have embraced new technology to deliver that experience.

Fortunately, you don’t have to change your entire kitchen to make your entire kitchen smarter. Even small changes can have a big impact. The key is to know which investments will pay the biggest returns. That takes an intimate understanding of food and the best ways use new technology to transform that food into the menu items your customers love. Which is why we’ll also have our entire team of executive chef consultants on hand, along with solution experts from our leading brands, to help guide visitors.

The theme for this year’s RC Show is innovation unleashed. This is your opportunity to see the latest the industry has to offer. At the Food Service Solutions Live! Demonstration booth 1113/1121 you can do more than just look at innovation—you can see it in action and learn which innovations make the most sense for you and your operation.