Smart Solutions for a Smarter Kitchen

For over 50 years the name Chesher Equipment has been part of the Canadian food equipment landscape. But at no time in its history has it seen the kind of growth experienced over the past three years. While this might be a surprise to some, for Chris Koehler, President, it’s right on plan. As is the change in the company name to better reflect it’s position in the marketplace.

“Chesher Equipment has always been a highly successful family business.” Says Koehler “We’re proud of our roots and continue to reflect those values. However, as the business expands in both sales and the solutions we offer, we want our name to clearly state exactly what we’re all about.”

“Over the past few months we’ve invested in more Executive Chef Consultants and Regional Sales Assistants in support of our consultative approach to the market. We’ve added new product lines and brands to our portfolio. And, we’ll continue to bring more of the world’s best and most innovative solutions to the Canadian Food Service Industry.”

Along with the change in name comes a new rallying cry: Smarter Kitchens for Canadian Operators and Chefs. That means a reduction in the challenges that chefs and operators face. And an increase in those areas that can really take an operation to the next level.

Chefs and operators are facing more pressure than ever. From the rise in labour, resource, and real estate costs, to an increase in competition. They need an edge to compete and be successful in today’s market. Food Service Solutions works directly with operators and chefs to find innovative solutions that give them the edge they need.

Koehler sums it up perfectly, “A smarter kitchen is a more pleasant, stress-free, safe, efficient, leaner, greener, people and food-friendly space. Without compromise. It’s powerful and efficient. Fast and safe. With the focus on the food the menu is better than ever and the profits are too.”