We provide dealers and their customers with expert operational advice and diversified product knowledge. We provide smart solutions derived from real world experience. We take the time to visit end users and listen to their needs. We assess challenges, pain points, safety concerns and areas of operational inefficiency… and we do all that for FREE. Our mission has always been to improve the lives of Canadian chefs and operators.  I have often thought of our team of chefs as a dealer’s best “free” sales person because we focus on the value added service to the dealer and their customers.

With that in mind, FSS takes it one step further by providing ideation sessions and live cooking demos at our 10 neutral demo sites across Canada or right in a dealer’s test kitchen.  The customer receives the benefit of seeing the process, the food result and have proof of concept before they invest.  Our job is to solve challenges and show end users how they can be more successful and maximize the benefit of their investment.  In these challenging times, now, more than ever, our end users need help to lower food costs, improve quality, lower labour cost, gain in speed of service,  and get the most flexibility out of their investments.  We are here to help the industry achieve those goals.

We pride ourselves on being extremely transparent in our sales approach. If you bring us to the party, you’re the one we’re dancing with. We believe that honesty and loyalty are still paramount in our industry. Our word still has as much value as our signature. We don’t just build rapport, we build trust.

Our mantra has always been to improve the lives of Canadian chefs and operators. We achieve this by embracing technology and sourcing the equipment and manufacturers that will best help us achieve our mission. But that’s just the beginning. When we combine cutting edge equipment, free industry leading expertise, ideation kitchens across the country from a company you can trust, well, we feel we’ve created a dealers best resource.


Chris Koehler