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For over 50 years, we have been scouring the world looking for products that address the daily operational challenges of kitchen life. We understand that this is a never-ending mission and will continue to always seek the best. We’ve made it our goal to provide kitchen equipment solutions to improve the lives of foodservice operators. Scroll below to learn more about our team of chefs.

our team of experienced chefs

Chef Charles Rothman

Regional Sales Manager - Northern Alberta | Saskatchewan | Manitoba

Food has always been a central focus of Charles’s personal and professional life. Charles started his career in Toronto working for famed restaurateur Michael Carlevale. Years later his career took him out west to Edmonton to build the territory for Canada’s largest sushi company, Bento Nouveau. He went on to manage large food service operations and consult on numerous projects including co-creating western Canada`s largest BBQ Festival, Porkapalooza. He’s also a sucker for a good burger!

Chef Martin Tancrel

Regional Sales Manager - Quebec

Martin Tancrel is a well accomplished Chef who specializes in breads and pastries. Martin is a family oriented chef who loves to bring his talent to the dinner table.  He ‘s an outdoorsman and car enthusiast.  When he’s not in the kitchen you’ll probably find him on the race track or enjoying nature with his family.  He’s a big fan of tiramisu.

Chef Mark McEwan

Western Canada Regional Sales Director

Mark has spent over 25 years working in kitchens in Calgary and Vancouver, many of them as an Executive Chef.  He’s obsessed with finding new and innovative ways to create efficiencies in kitchens and improve food quality while saving restaurateurs money. Mark is also a proud husband and father who loves spending time in the kitchen with his family. His favourite meal is Japanese Izakya. His favourite meal to cook is breakfast for his family!

Chef Jason Masuch

Regional Sales Manager - British Columbia

Jason Masuch is an accomplished industry veteran with years of diversified experience in food service. Jason worked his way up to head Chef at the Oakwood in Kitsilano, BC. Jason’s personality, work ethic and love of people made him an asset for both kitchens and front of house. Before embarcking on his culinary journey, Jason was the tasting room manager for Four Winds Brewing,  Canada`s best brewery in 2015 and best beer in 2016! Every Saturday morning you’ll find him in the kitchen with his son making pancakes. His favourite meal to cook is oatmeal raisin cookies!

Chef Steve Meehan

Corporate Chef | Regional Sales Director - Ontario

Steve Meehan is an experienced Chef who has cooked for numerous people including the Queen, President Bush,and even Olympic athletes! Steve enjoys restoring old cars in his down time. Steve’s carnivorous spirit also translates to his determined work ethic which makes it no surprise that his favorite thing to eat is steak. His favourite meal to cook varies depending on his mood!

Chef Cameron Huley

Chef Associate - Winnipeg

Cameron Huley competed for The Canadian National Culinary Team  for 8 years in world competitions including the Culinary Olympics in Erfurt Germany and the Culinary World Cup In Luxembourg. Cam is a busy guy! He’s a volunteer firefighter and avid outdoorsman. He’s also a devoted Dad to his son Raydyn who you’ll find alongside Cam in many of his YouTube videos and social media posts. His favourite meal is no surprise. Wild game that he’s caught himself. It also happens to be his favorite thing to cook as well.

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