we are chefs too!

Food Service Solutions is a company of experienced chefs who have lived the life and walked the walk. We are importers and distributors of world-leading commercial kitchen equipment. Our team is dedicated to providing kitchen equipment solutions for Canadian operators and chefs through consultation, ideation and equipment implementation.

Our only mission is to help you. We don’t charge for our time; we simply believe in community, collaboration and helping each other thrive, even if it means recommending solutions that we don’t offer. We understand that a strong hospitality sector benefits us all

Automate process to reduce labour, increase consistency, manage food costs, increase productivity, reduce stress.

The visibility, insights and control to better manage your process, results and operational costs.

Smarter ways to manage process, labour and food — do more with less time, resources and unpleasant surprises.

Faster speed, more automation, greater efficiency with less costs and hassle equals more profit and enjoyment for you.