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New Technology Enables Food Service to Prosper at Non-Traditional Locations

No Kitchen? No Problem! New ventless equipment has operators thinking outside of the hood. From Convenience Stores to Short-Stay Hotels, Kiosks to Caterers —operators are looking for ways to serve fresh, high-quality menu items in nontraditional locations. A wide range of equipment now makes it possible (and profitable) for operators to produce an almost limitless number of menu items—almost anywhere. What's on the menu? From fresh baked goods to whole chickens, gourmet casseroles to hot [...]

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Smarter Kitchens For Canadian Operators and Chefs

At Food Service Solutions we want what you want. A kitchen that works smarter for you. A kitchen that gives you more of the things you need: Speed, versatility, usability, comfort, efficiency, productivity and enjoyment. And less of the things you don't need, like stress, waste, staff issues or other unpleasant surprises. You don’t need to change your entire kitchen to make your entire kitchen smarter. There are many ways to make a kitchen smarter. Even a relatively small change [...]

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Why Speed Ovens are Changing the Face of Food Service

From sub shops to hotels, health care facilities and restaurants of all types, Speed Ovens are gaining in popularity all across the food service industry. We’re talking more than just microwaves here. Let’s face it, speed has long been an option. But until recently most chefs have resisted believing that true quality simply cannot be rushed. And while that principal is still true today—Speed Ovens have quietly redefined and ultimately reduced the actual amount of time [...]

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Chesher rebrands as Food Service Solutions Inc.

Smart Solutions for a Smarter Kitchen For over 50 years the name Chesher Equipment has been part of the Canadian food equipment landscape. But at no time in its history has it seen the kind of growth experienced over the past three years. While this might be a surprise to some, for Chris Koehler, President, it’s right on plan. As is the change in the company name to better reflect it’s position in the [...]

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