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Smarter Kitchens for Canadian Operators and Chefs

At Food Service Solutions we want what you want. A kitchen that works smarter for you. Where you get more of the things you need: Speed, versatility, usability, comfort, efficiency, productivity and enjoyment. And less of the things you can live without—stress, waste, staff issues and other unpleasant surprises. To help you get there we offer a nationwide network of chef consultants, a crack customer service & support team, fantastic dealers and the smartest equipment solutions in the business. Learn more…

SMART: The sweet-spot where you get maximum benefit with minimum disruption to you and your staff.

Who we are…

The customer is key. Our commitment to customer service is at the heart of everything that we do.

We have a passion for you to win. We are driven by results and remain accountable for performance.

We’re proactive and our team has the freedom to make decisions and collaborate as a team.

Ours is a ‘people-business’. Our people make the difference. Everyone team member is important and makes a meaningful contribution to our success.

We are fair, reasonable, respectful, honest and ethical. We follow through on what we say.

We work in an open and transparent way and reward customer-service performance to keep the standard high.

What we do…

We invest in a nationwide network of chefs so that Chefs and Operators can work with people that truly understand their world.

Everything revolves around food production. We show chefs and operators smarter ways to create, prep, transform and serve.

Equipment drives your kitchen. We’re selective and only represent brands and equipment solutions that contribute to a smarter kitchen.

Seeing is believing which is why we take the time to demonstrate how much better your kitchen can be.

Smart means finding the right solutions to have the most positive impact on your kitchen immediately.

We stand behind our recommendations and solutions with the best service and support in the business.

Executive Chef Consultants Focused on YOU and YOUR Menu

At Food Service Solutions we’ll show you how to take a Smarter Kitchen from imagination to reality with innovative yet practical solutions designed for you, your menu and your staff. Our executive chefs work directly with you and demonstrate smarter way to prepare, transform and serve your menu using the latest in technology and techniques.

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