Besser Vacuum Packing Equipment Now Available in Canada

//Besser Vacuum Packing Equipment Now Available in Canada

Besser Vacuum Packing Equipment Now Available in Canada

Food Service Solutions adds Besser to help chefs and operators lower costs and improve results

Throughout Europe, and in recent years North America, a growing trend in commercial kitchens is the use of vacuum packing machines to extend the life span of fresh fruits, vegetables and meats. At 3 to 5 times the normal ‘life’, the obvious benefit for the operator is a reduction in food waste and cost. But there are other advantages as well. From pre-portioning to sous vide or rethermalizing with steam—managing your food with vacuum packing as part of the process can improve speed and quality too.

In support of this trend, Food Service Solutions set out to identify a leading manufacturer with proven technology, a history of reliability and support this market demands.  They found that manufacturer in Besser Vacuum. Located in Italy, Besser has over 20 years manufacturing time-tested, high quality equipment for operators around the globe: vacuum packing machines, food storage bags, sous vide bags and immersion circulators. Plus a wide range of sizes and solutions with very competitive pricing. A perfect fit for the Canadian market.

“There are a lot of benefits to having this capability in a commercial kitchen,” Comments Executive Chef Chris Moreland, Corporate Chef for Food Service Solutions, “More than a method of preservation, used optimally, it can play a pivotal role in streamlining food preparation and production too.”

About Besser Vacuum:

Besser Vacuum is an Italian equipment manufacturer with over 20 years specializing in vacuum packaging equipment. Born from a deep experience in this sector, it’s headquarters are in Italy with two branches in Hong Kong and Mexico. Besser produces and distributes a full range of products under the Besser Vacuum brand including: Vacuum Packing Machines (chamber and external suction) Vacuum Bags Vacuum Cooking Bags, Souse-Vide Cooking Devices, Heatsealers, Cutlery Polishing and Cleaning Tanks. Our wide range of machinery and accessories for vacuum offers reliable and innovative solutions, and the most complete range on the market. Find out more.

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