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Why Food Service Solutions?

Chefs helping chefs get the most out of their operation

It’s tough to run a professional kitchen. To be successful, a lot needs to go right— each and every day. We understand because we’re chefs too. And we’re here to help. With proven solutions to lighten your load. improve your efficiency and productivity, lower your operating costs—increase your profit.

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Featured Solutions

Talk with one of our Executive Chef Consultants to see how these solutions can help you achieve more with less effort.
Better yet, attend one of our Live Demos and see them in action!


The standard in blending and mixing for the professional kitchen.

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When you need high-quality results—fast—you need Amana Commercial.

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Bake, steam, roast, poach—even fry and grill—all in one piece of equipment!

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Purpose-built kitchens that exude culinary passion, stand up to daily abuse.

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“Loved it! Fast-paced, informative and delicious”

Food Service Solutions Live! Try before you buy.

The best way to know what’s truly right for your business is to ‘put it to the test’ first. After all, seeing is believing. That’s why every week, all across Canada, our Executive Chef Consultants host Live Demos. So that you can see the best solutions for your operation—in action.

Book a live demo today—they’re free, fun and delicious!

What you’ll learn

Save time, cost, labour, energy, stress
Lead by an expert accredited executive chef
Fast-paced, informative, fun, delicious!

Upcoming Demos

November – Vancouver, Ottawa, Halifax, Montréal
December – Toronto, Winnipeg, Moncton,
January – Victoria, Regina, London, St. John’s

Lainox® Combi Ovens

The world’s most versatile and user-friendly Combi Ovens. Bake, steam, roast, poach, toast—even fry and grill! See why the Lainox Combi is the true ‘Core of the Kitchen’ with the greatest flexibility and versatility of any other piece of equipment available today.

Did You Know?

Our Executive Chef Consultant’s are always available to discuss your menu and the ways in which a Combi Oven Steamer can improve every aspect of your operation. Perfect results with less time, energy, cost—and stress. Contact us today!

ACP Amana Speed Ovens

High-quality fast food? Absolutely! More than microwaves you simply have to see the latest ACP Speed Cooking ovens in action. You’ll be amazed at how easy, fast and delicious food prepared in these ovens can be.

Did You Know?

Not only does Food Service Solutions carry a complete range of commercial microwave ovens, we also specialize in the latest in Speed Cooking Ovens. To find out how to accelerate your operation, menu and sales —with top quality results — talk with one of our Executive Chef Consultants today!

Sign up for one of our live demos today. They’re free, fun and delicious!.

Sign up for one of our live demos today. They’re free, fun and delicious!

Food Service Solutions:  A trusted partner — before, during and after

Best Advice

For advice to have value it should come from those that can relate to the challenges that you face day in and day out. That’s why we continue to invest in a nationwide team of accredited chefs. Each with substantial executive chef experience. People that have ‘been there, done that’ and can help you get the most out of your operation, staff and menu.


Best Brands

As a company of chefs, we know how important performance and reliability, service and support are to the success of your operation. That’s why the brands we choose to represent are some of the best in the business. Brands we believe in. Brands that you can have confidence in and trust.


Best Solutions

A successful food service operation is more than the sum of its parts. It’s how well those parts integrate, interact and work together to produce the results that keep your bottom line growing and your customers coming back for more. At Food Service Solutions, our emphasis is on what the equipment does—how it does it, and how well that fits in to your operation.


Best Service

At Food Service Solutions, it’s about a relationship with customers that’s built on service after the sale too. We know how critical each piece of equipment is to your operation. That’s why if issues do occur, we’re here to help and ensure you get the professional service you need to be back up and running in no time.


Best Support

At Food Service Solutions, we know that our success is tied directly to yours. That’s why we’re here to provide the best Customer Service and Support available.  If you need help, answers to questions, advice, parts, accessories, service—anything—call on us first.


Sign up for one of our live demos today. They’re free, fun and delicious!